A Call to Genuine Living

Have you ever found yourself placing expectations on God? It sounds crazy to do, but we do it more often than we realize. On New Year's Day I found myself sitting in my study staring at my new, blank journal. I'm not crazy about New Year's, nor am I a fanatic of making resolutions. Honestly, … Continue reading A Call to Genuine Living

Keeping God First During the Holidays

The holidays are usually a pretty stressful time for most people. Back in 2013, 3.08 trillion dollars was spent in the U.S. on holiday retail purchases. There's quite a fair bit of shopping that needs to get done in 2-3 months, since most stores don't begin offering holiday promotions until Oct. 1st. Between shopping, get-togethers, … Continue reading Keeping God First During the Holidays

Vote, But Don’t Shame Others.

As Christians, we (along with everyone else) begin to align ourselves with political parties. As this happens, we need to stop and consider who and what Jesus would align himself with. This doesn't mean that we make assumptions or vote for someone simply because they are claiming Christianity. We must turn to the Bible and investigate what God is interested in. Even a short glance into the gospels reveals that in Jesus' way, God's closeness has absolutely nothing to do with political power, and everything to do with alleviating suffering and addressing the concerns of the downtrodden.

Busyness. It’s Not Always Something to Boast About.

God has been sending me a very simple message lately: busyness is not something to be proud of.  But busyness is all I've known. I've spent my entire life being busy with one thing or another. At first it was school, which I invested my all into growing up. I was that student who managed … Continue reading Busyness. It’s Not Always Something to Boast About.

Chic Sparrow Outlander Claire Deluxe | Unboxing & First Impressions

Hello everyone! My Chic Sparrow leather cover has finally arrived! Yay! This is a video of the unboxing (unenveloping??) of my Outlander Claire Deluxe, as well as my very first (and very giddy) impressions of it. Be sure to like and subscribe to receive updates on future videos. Thanks for stopping by!! xoxo Holly Marie … Continue reading Chic Sparrow Outlander Claire Deluxe | Unboxing & First Impressions

Letting My Husbee Give Me My Injections

Hello everyone! I recently had a new medication added to my regimen, and I let my husbeee Dnoch give me the injection. Here’s a quick, impromptu video from the first time he administered the medication. (PS — Excuse the mess and my scrubby appearance! 🤭) Be sure to like and subscribe to receive updates on … Continue reading Letting My Husbee Give Me My Injections

When the Ground Falls

I love this post that my friend Leann wrote concerning me and my cancer diagnosis. Reading how this has affected my loved ones is so crucial because it shows me ways that I can help them to cope with this situation. Pop on over for a read!

A Guidebook to Cancer

It has been said that over time couples begin to look like each other. Their attire begins to mesh into similar shades and patterns. Some couples wear the same shoes. Admittedly, this may only hold true for my parents.

In other cases, dogs look like their owners and sometimes both human and animal have similar personality traits. The Museum of Man, located at Balboa Park in San Diego, has an exhibit called Living with Animals. In this exhibit, there’s a game very similar to Old Maid where the player matches a dog to its owner. At first it seems fairly easy—dogs are said to look like their owners. Well, it’s not. Out of 10, I had only one correct.

In retrospect, those whom we call friends tend to be similar to us before we ever meet. Friends are people that we share similar interests with, otherwise why would we call…

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Things to Pack in Your Chemo Bag (Part I)

Part I of a series I am writing on our cancer resource blog!

A Guidebook to Cancer

Good morning, lovelies!

Today I want to talk about things that I’ve found useful to pack in my chemo bag. A lot patients are nervous for their first round of chemo because they aren’t sure what to expect. I’ve found that packing a bag prior to chemo helps to ease some of my anxiety because it helps me to feel “prepared” for treatments. Mind you, everyone is different, but these are some suggestions that may be useful to you or your loved one.

A Book
Many patients like to spend time reading during chemo. I’ve always had a strong love of books, mainly because they can transport you to another time and world altogether, and during chemo when so many emotions and physical changes are taking place, losing yourself in a good story is pretty awesome.

I generally take my iPad to read e-books because I can carry more books…

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Essential Nutrition Tips During Treatment

Check out this article I wrote for a co-authored blog for cancer patients and their loved ones!

A Guidebook to Cancer

  • Eat A Big Breakfast 🍳
    I’ve found that my hunger is usually higher in the mornings, and I see a decline in my hunger as the day goes on. Also, treatments are generally easier for me to tolerate when I have eaten. Since common treatments like chemo and radiation can cause nausea, eating in the mornings will ensure that your body has had time to absorbs nutrients. You might not be feeling too great after treatments and may avoid food afterward, so consuming food first thing in the morning is certainly helpful.
  • Snack! 🍌
    Normally snacking is not advocated, but for us patients, we need all the calories we can get. Just be sure that you’re snacking on healthy, protein-rich foods such as yogurt, fruits, and nuts.
  • Keep Track of Your Weight ⚖️
    Usually your medical team will help to monitor weight, but I found it helpful to also track…

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Southern Rail

I had a lovely brunch with Mosha today at Southern Rail, next door to Changing Hands Bookstore. BT Original Grilled Cheese: four cheeses, cheesy focaccia style bread, red pepper tomato soup and roasted chicken Buttermilk Biscuit & Chorizo Sausage Sandwich: fried eggs, apple slaw, tomato and aioli

Walking the kids.

Decided to take these two rascals out for a walk this morning. I learned my lesson that they need to be walked separately because Nicki is wild, wanting to chase after everything, while Milo is calm and stays by my side.

Mini update

Well, I suppose I am long overdue for a medical/life update. Normally around this time I would be taking a nap, but there’s currently a technician in my house doing technical things, so I can’t go have a nap until after he’s done. Honestly, I should probably try and stay awake until this evening anyway … Continue reading Mini update

Let’s Play 20 Questions

Tagged by: @calindor I've been asked to answer these 20 questions by a fellow blogger, so here goes! 1) Name: Holly Marie 2) Nicknames: Holly, Vyne (pronounced Vine, not Vin), Vee, The Baby (by family), Hollz, Holly Berry, Hozza/Hoz, Goose 3) Height: 5ft 3-4inches 4) Orientation: Former lesbian, current hetero 5) Nationality: Spanish, Afro-Portuguese, Mexican … Continue reading Let’s Play 20 Questions